Eat the Bits Chilli Oil

After hundreds of requests from customers to bottle our Eat the Bits chilli oil, we're very happy to offer it in take-home jars from all Tonkotsu restaurants and World of Zing. You may also find it in your local Whole Foods.

In line with our approach to the food we serve, the best ingredients have been sourced and the base oil is made from premium and UK-sourced rapeseed oil, the heat comes from a blend of d’Arbol chilli flakes and shichimi togarashi (a Japanese spice mix) and the depth of flavour is produced with the addition of red miso, garlic, onion, sesame seeds and sesame oil. The result is an incredibly addictive combination of hot nuttiness, packed full of natural umami and completely MSG-free.

Spoon ‘Eat the bits’ over omelettes, noodles, rice, pasta and whatever else tickles your tastebuds. Also perfect for marinading meat and fish, or to give stir-fries and stews a little Tokyo street kick. Packed full of natural umami goodness and 100% MSG free. Meshiagare!

How do you use yours? We’d love to hear: or @tonkotsulondon on Twitter.

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Chilli Oil