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Chilli Prawn Summer Ramen

Chilli Prawn Summer Ramen

Our brand new special is summer on a plate and will convince you that chilled noodles are just as delicious as your classic ramen.

Our Summer Ramen are the perfect alternative for the warmer months, we cook and then chill our homemade ramen noodles so they retain the perfect bite. We’ve brought back the moreish goma dressing, which is packed full of sesame seeds for the ultimate umami flavour. Topping our noodles are crispy fried prawns in our Eat The Bits chilli ketchup – a little bit spicy, a little bit sticky, a little bit sweet – alongside choy sum, cucumber, tomato and half a soy-marinated Clarence Court egg. 

You can catch our chilli prawn summer ramen in all our Ramen Bars for the next couple of months.