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Guess who’s back, back again?

Guess who’s back, back again?

November 2018

Miso’s back – tell a friend!

Miso’s back, miso’s back, miso’s back, miso’s back….

There were a few disappointed faces in our restaurants a year or so ago when the Miso Mushroom ramen left our menus – replaced by the Curried Pumpkin & Spiced Corn ramen. But, we took your comments onboard and hungrily welcomed it back with open arms (and mouths).

Konbu & shiitake stock and a miso base, with our classic homemade noodles (of course), and topped with shiitake, shimeji & enoki mushrooms, black kale, bamboo shoots, spring onion and seasoned egg. All the good stuff – and it’s vegan when ordering it without the egg.

We’ve also jazzed up our Tokyo ramen with a new and improved recipe, and added a tasty new Yuzu Mixed Greens side dish. And did we mention there’s a new special on the way? Watch this space for more info…