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New Special: Tonkotsu x Club Mexicana

New Special: Tonkotsu x Club Mexicana

Our first special of 2024 is 100% vegan and 100% banging. 

If you’ve been to Club Mexicana, you may have tried their birria tacos, which are the inspiration for our new special. We’ve worked with Meriel and the team to pack all the flavour of a birria taco into a bowl of ramen to bring January into full colour.

The base of our ramen is packed full of the flavours of a birria consommé. Layers of flavours of guajillo, ancho and arbol and chipotle chillies, plus tomatoes, cumin and garlic to transport you to somewhere more vibrant than the UK in January.

The umami-rich base is topped with our classic vegan konbu & shiitake broth and classic homemade noodles. Club Mexicana’s legendary ‘beef brisket’ tops the ramen, with crispy tortillas for dipping or scooping, and pickled chillies, radish, salsa and lime for that fresh zing. 

Tonkotsu x Club Mexicana: Vegan ‘Beef Brisket’ Birria Ramen

Homemade noodles in konbu & shiitake broth and birria consommé base, with slow cooked Club Mexicana ‘beef brisket’, pickled chilli & radish, red onion salsa, coriander, lime wedge and crispy tortilla chips.