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Heartwarming Ramen, Now in Two Sizes

Heartwarming Ramen, Now in Two Sizes

March 2023

We know that some days you might fancy a lighter lunch, you might be pressed for time or just want to save room to eat more of our homemade gyoza. So we’re now offering all ramen in both a small and regular size, meaning there’s a choice for every appetite.

Starting from £8.75, our small ramen have everything you would expect from Tonkotsu but in a smaller package. Take your pick from our classic Tonkotsu, with pork broth, thin-cut noodles and roast pork belly; the firey Geki Kara laced with scotch bonnet peppers or our Chilli Tofu ramen to name a few. Our no-broth Summer Ramen (known as hiyashi) will also be available in both sizes for the ultimate warm weather options. 

Choose from all our ramen and summer ramen in both a regular and small size at all Tonkotsu Ramen Bars.