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Be green without envy at Tonkotsu: five top tips for vegans and veggies

Be green without envy at Tonkotsu: five top tips for vegans and veggies

Vegan? Vegetarian? Pescatarian? Dairy free? However your diet identifies, there’s nothing but love from our team of chefs. Which is why Tonkotsu is full of flavoursome options for vegans and vegetarians.

Written by a seasoned vegetarian (hello, that’s me!) these top tips will get you off on the good foot before you sit down and eat your greens.

  1. Get the Shiitake and Bamboo Shoot Gyoza. Totally vegan. Totally delicious. Of all the Gyoza we make they’re chopsticks down the best, no matter your food persuasion.
  2. Your table has a secret recipe. Take the vinegar and soy sauce, mix them one-part vinegar two parts soy. Then add a dash or dollop (your call) of Eat The Bits chilli oil to give it a kick. Yoku yatta! (That’s Japanese for ‘well done!’) You’ve just mixed your own amazing dipping sauce.
  3. Lose the egg, add extra kimchee. That’s how you make our Shimeji, Shiitake & Enoki Hiyashi Ramen Salad fully vegan. A little lighter than your regular ramen dish, this salad has got the sweet versus savoury balance bang on – mix that extra kimchee in with the noodles to dial up the punch.
  1. Let’s face it, sometimes summer lets you down. And when it does, few things warm you up faster than a bowl of Curried Pumpkin and Spiced Corn Ramen. With its konbu and shiitake stock, and slightly spicy curry base, this ramen dish is like sunshine in a bowl for vegetarians. Ask for no egg and extra bamboo to give it more sweetness and vegans can enjoy its warming properties too.
  2. Eat the Bits – and lots of them. If you’re the kind of someone who likes it hot, blast through washed-out summer days by covering the meals I’ve mentioned with loads of Eat the Bits chilli oil. It’s particularly excellent with the roasted butternut squash. Tanning goggles are optional.

Lily, Tonkotsu East