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What  is kaarage

What is kaarage

July 2022

Happy Fried Chicken Day!

If you were considering making the most of this fabulous food celebration with a bucket made famous by the Colonel, then you might want to re-think that and pay your local Japanese joint a visit instead.

Because Japan has its own version of fried chicken, or karaage (spoken as ‘ka-RA-AH-geh’) – popular from sea to shining sea in Japan in convenience shops, Michelin star restaurants and family homes.

But what is karaage and what is the difference between karaage and southern fried chicken?

The word karaage refers to a Japanese cooking technique in which a vegetable or meat is lightly coated with cornflour or potato starch and deep-fried in oil.

When it comes to chicken karaage, it’s essentially bite-size pieces of marinated juicy chicken thigh, well-seasoned, then dusted with corn flour or starch and deep-fried in hot oil – whereas fried chicken friends prefer to season their flour rather than chicken itself.

The traditional kaarage process means you’ll enjoy tender and juicy flavourful chicken, it also ensure a crunchy,crispy shell coating.

Unlike fried chicken, our seasoning comes from just 3 simple ingredients – soy sauce, ginger and garlic – not 11 secret herbs and spices!